Monday, June 13, 2011

Roomali Roti

Ingredients :
  1. All purpose flour( Maida) - 1 cup
  2. Salt to taste
  3. Oil/Ghee - 1tsp

Method :
  • Add All purpose flour,salt and oil into the bowl
  • Mix it with little water and prepare the mixture
  • Take two lemon sized balls from this mixture. Roll it little using all purpose flour and smear oil/ghee.

  • Join these rolled balls into one( Note : join both sides which are smeared with oil together)

  •  Roll it as thin as possible.


  • Put this roti on hot pan. Let it rest until you can see bubbles on one side. Once you can see the buubles turn it around and cook it same as chapati.

  • Put this roomali roti into a plate and let it cool for 1 min. Remove two attached thinly rolled balls as shown

  • Roomali roti is ready to have. Goes well with spicy curries.

Special  thanks to Vah chef :)

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