Cooking Tips

Ginger Garlic Paste:
Grind ginger garlic paste with 2 tsp of oil in order to refrigerate it. It will stay fresh for a long time.

Left Over Rice :
Grind leftover rice with rice flour- 1 cup and wheat flour - 1/2 cup and dosa batter will be ready. Instead of throwing little leftover rice to dustbin we can use it and have yummy dosa :)

Tumeric and Garlic Usage:
Use Tumeric and garlic in your dishes which adds taste to the dish and also which is good for health.

Olive Oil :
Olive oil is the best oil to use as it contains valuable antioxidants and this oil should not be used for deep frying. Instead of applying butter you can use this oil. You can add it for Chapati mix, Salad, Dressing and also for peanut powder.